Experimental Prints

Two Apple Trees, Field Farm is a hybrid print that was developed in several stages–including a reduction monotype, a drypoint, and a collaged fragment from a previous reduction monotype.

Two Apple Trees, hybrid print

Two Apple Trees, Field Farm


Purple Leaf, below, is a vicosity print made from a large split-leaf Philodendron.  The leaf was rotated and the print run through the press at least twice!


PurpleLeafsm - Copy

This funky print is a two-color trace monotype on Asian paper.  Couldn’t resist giving it an appropriately funky title.

two color monotype of tomatoes

Midnight Tomatoes

The images below are, first, a watercolor monotype of the Basin in Franconia Notch and, below,  the actual watercolor on a piece of Yupo.  The watercolor no longer exists as it was sacrificed to make the one print.

monotype of the Basin, Franconia Notch



watercolor of the Basin, Franconia Notch

The Basin (watercolor)


“Persimmon” is a monotype with the addition of relief prints from pieces of weathered woods.  Instead of adding the woodgrain through a frottage process, I rolled the wood with ink and carefully placed the monotype on type, using a wooden spoon to transfer the grain onto the paper.





“Becoming Goldfish” was made with water-soluble crayons and water-soluble etching inks and printed on Asian paper.  It was run through the press several times to achieve the layers and saturated colors I was looking for.


Becoming Goldfish

Becoming Goldfish


“Lilac Grey” is a monotype made with Akua Liquid Pigment inks and oil pastels on Asian paper.  The pastels were added after the print was pulled and allowed to dry.

Lilac Grey

Lilac Grey



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