About the Artist

Boulders and Trees

Painter and printmaker Kelly Slater’s current body of work reflects a desire to connect more deeply with the natural world and to express her abiding affection and gratitude for it.  Her vibrant works focus on the landscape of the northeastern United States:  including the waterfront parks and streets of East Boston; the wildflowers and grasses of the Berkshires; the dunes and trees of Cape Cod; and the rocky coast of Maine.

Her works are done quickly, generally without preparatory drawing, and are created in as spontaneous a manner as possible.  Largely self-taught, Ms. Slater is inspired not only by the plants, skyscapes and land forms of the northeast, but also by her particular artistic heroes: Matthew Wong, Milton Avery, Joan Mitchell, Vincent Van Gogh, and David Hockney.

Please contact Ms. Slater through kellyslaterart13@gmail.com or at 617-529-0181.  You can also follow her on Instagram at @kellyslaterart and on Facebook at Kelly Slater Art.

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