Book Art

pine fronds on Asian paper folded into an accordion book
White Pine Fronds
view of trees in front of foothills with blue, violet and green artist's crayons in tiny handmade sketchbook
Berkshire Hills

This small accordion book was made out of a trace monotype on Asian paper that was folded and attached to a protective paper cover as part of a free public workshop on trace and frottage monotypes given at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

fern trace monotype on Asian paper folded into accordion book
Fern Accordion Book

This accordion book incorporates both frottage and trace monotype techniques.  The trace or transfer image also incorporates both positive and negative trace monotype images.  The positive is the large fern frond.  The negative images is the dark area around the large frond which has small light-colored fern images–the leftovers on the plate of a different positive trace monotype.