Recent Works

Tulip Fantasy and Blue and Green Tulips are part of the Tulip series, made in May 2021 with Akua Inks and Awagami washi paper.

tulip print
Blue and Green Tulips
blue and green tulips with white dots
Tulip Fantasy

Pickup Sticks is a monotype made with numerous masks and masks used as stamps to achieve a translucent layered effect,  It was made with Asian paper and without a press.

abstract geometric monotype on Asian paper, multi-colored
Pickup Sticks

Grass Seedhead I is inspired by Paul Klee’s mixed media works on paper.  It is pen and ink and watercolor on Canson Edition paper.

ink drawing of grass seedhead with watercolor
Grass Seedhead I

Late Afternoon, Autumn I and II are part of a series of six watercolors inspired by a “stealth residency” at Grass Rides, a South Hamilton, MA property owned by The Trustees.

purple and green watercolor of late afternoon sun
Late Afternoon, Autumn I
purple and dark green watercolor of afternoon sun on meadow
Late Afternoon, Autumn II