Recent Works

Brush and ink paintings are my most recent interest.  Inspired by the recent “Matisse in the Studio” exhibit, I have been working on my own “all over” effect.  These two paintings were based on wildflowers at Bascom Lodge, a CCC lodge built at the top of Mount Greylock in Adams, Massachusetts.

Brush and ink painting of flowering raspberry

Flowering raspaberry

brush and ink painting of wildflowers

Wild Flowers, All Over

The following prints are both monoprints–prints made from plates that were permanently altered in some way. “Yellow Leaf” is a large relief print and “Japanese Garden” is a drypoint engraving


“Yellow Leaf I” is a reduction linocut printed on Asian paper (Kozo) with Akua liquid pigments.  Instead of traditional linoleum, I used one of the softer rubber alternatives, making it much easier to carve.

Japanese Garden, MFA Boston

These two drypoint engravings on Asian paper were an experiment combining water-soluble artists crayons and etching inks.  Each print was run through the press two times–with the crayon-inking going through first.