Recent Works

This scene of the parking lot area of the Basin, in Franconia Notch, is based on a  photo taken on an extremely cold winter day, shortly before the winter solstice. It is a dry point engraving that was hand-pulled with a wooden spoon onto Awagami paper.



Winter Solstice, Franconia Notch

The image of the large white pine, growing just outside the guest house at Field Farm, is a reduction monotype.  The plate was totally inked in blue and then removed with a variety of objects–cotton swabs, bamboo, brush handles, and so on.

blue pine_small

White Pine, Field Farm

Depictions of grasses have been a focus for several years.  However, depicting them in watercolor has been a new challenge for me.  This scene is of the pond at Field Farm–a wonderful mid-century modern guest house run by the Trustees of Reservation and situated on a high meadow in Williamstown.


watercolor of pond at Field Farm

Meadow Grasses, Field Farm


Watercolor monotypes involve painting onto a non-absorbent surface, such as an acrylic plate or a synthetic paper substitute such as Yupo.  After allowing the watercolor to dry completely, you pull the print with hand pressure or a press onto a damp sheet of paper.  This watercolor print depicts crab apple blossoms.  I completed the print by embellishing it with a reed pen and Prussian blue ink and adding some black watercolor with a brush.


watercolor monotype of crabapple blossoms

Crab Apple Blossoms

Brush and ink paintings are among my recent interests.  Inspired by the 2017 “Matisse in the Studio” exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, I have been working on my own “all over” effect.  These two paintings were based on wildflowers at Bascom Lodge, a CCC lodge built at the top of Mount Greylock in Adams, Massachusetts.

Brush and ink painting of flowering raspberry

Flowering raspaberry

brush and ink painting of wildflowers

Wild Flowers, All Over