Like Matisse, I believe that one worthwhile aim of art is to comfort and heal.  The exuberance and lyrical grace of flowers are a powerful part of my personal healing arsenal.

monotype in greens and pinks of amaryllis

Dream Amaryllis

This amaryllis was placed just in front of a small cherub statue–making it appear as if spectral hands were reaching out from the blue shadows!

monotype of Forsythia in a vase


Forsythia is a monotype made with various types of water-soluble inks and crayons.  It is printed on Canson Editions paper.


Eupatorium done in brush and ink.


Eupatorium is a brush and ink painting, done on Asian paper.  Here you can see it still taped to a foam core board, used to help keep the paper from curling up while drying.  To my mind, black and white can be as vibrant and cheerful as bright colors.