This brush and ink painting , as well as the following three, belongs to an extended series of depictions of the apple trees at Field Farm in Williamstown.





apple tree_small

This brush and ink painting of one of the apple trees at Field Farm was made using Walnut ink.


Turquoise Apple Trees, Field Farm

Two Apple Trees, Field Farm is one of a series of experimental drypoint prints.  This one was made by the plate being inked entirely with a water-soluble artists crayon.  It was subsequently dipped in a water bath to give a more painterly effect.


Snowy Day at Field Farm

Inspired by the apple trees at Field Farm in Williamstown, MA this drypoint engraving was done as a class demonstration.  The print was made with pthalo green Akua intaglio ink and printed on BFK Rives.

watercolor of ivy-covered trees on Pochet Road in E. Orleans

Pochet Road Trees

This watercolor was done on a snowy winters day in East Orleans.  The trees and ground were covered with English ivy, giving the landscape a green and white aspect.

collagraph in grey watercolor of cherry tree

Cherry Tree, East Orleans

One of a series of collagraphs depicting a venerable cherry tree in East Orleans, this print was created using a silhouette cut from Yupo that was then painted with watercolors, applied to an acrylic plate and then run through the press.

Red Trees

“Red Trees” is a reduction monotype made with Akua intaglio inks on laminated Asian paper. After the initial pull, it was run through the press once more with a translucent golden glaze applied to the plate.