Dry Point Improv

A few months back I made a decision to blaze my own trail in dry point.  Not having the patience for creating detailed plates, I decided to set a time limit–no more than  half an hour–to incise the plate;  In addition, I resolved to totally set myself free from any concerns about the proper way to ink the plates. (Out of compassion for my wonderful printmaking teacher, I advised that she not watch while I was doing my inking and wiping!)  Whether or not my improvisational prints will satisfy dry point aficionados, I am having a great time and encourage others to do the same.  In addition to using more traditional inks, such as Charbonnel Aquawash, I use water-soluble crayons.  Will undoubtedly come up with some other ideas in time.  My advice is that, if you are like me and really dreaded doing traditional dry points, just throw caution to the wind and play around with this technique!


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